"Un site est jamais achevé — c’est toujours un accident qui le termine, c’est à dire qui le donne au public. Ce sont la lassitude, la demande de l’utilisateur, la poussée d’un autre site. Mais jamais l’état même de l’ouvrage (si le concepteur n’est pas un sot) ne montre qu’il ne pourrait être poussé, changé, considéré ce première approximation, ou origine d’une recherche nouvelle. Je conçois, quant à moi, que le même site et presque le même code pourraient être repris indéfiniment et occuper toute une vie. 'Perfection' c’est travail."

Paul Valéry Œuvres

Hello! My name is Larry.

A floating computer monitor with vaporwave animator on screen.

I like making people laugh & building things people can use.

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I've been working as a front-end web developer for just over three years now. I love it! Building things that both delight users and help them find & do things on the World Wide Web is immensely fulfilling.

This is my personal website.

I'm an unapologetic '90s kid who (fondly) remembers GeoCities, LambdaMOO, and many other cultural artifacts of the Internet's dial-up days; and I've tried to incorporate those memories into this site's overall look & feel. This is purely a matter of personal taste and, though I hope it goes without saying, my aesthetic choices reflect what I happen to like. If I were building any other kind of a site, especially for a client or employer, it would look very different! (If you want to see some examples of what "very different" looks like, check out the My Work section of this site, linked below.)

You're currently viewing the mobile version of my homepage. That's totally fine, but you should seriously considering viewing this site on a larger screen if you want the full "larrymg.me" experience!